Orange, White, Purple And Rainbow Feather Safety Reflectors For ICBC Fall Pedestrian Safety Campaign

A variety of fun orange, white, rainbow and purple feather safety reflectors for ICBC commuter pedestrian safety campaign. 

80% of pedestrian accidents occur at intersections primarily due to  distracted drivers and failing to yield the right-of way.  For the months of October to January, there is a 54% increase in the number of pedestrian fatalities (28 fatalities and 954 injuries as compared to the Months of May through August where there was an average of 11 fatalities and 501 injuries).

According to ICBC statistics from 2016 to 2022, 1500 pedestrians are injured in 2000 crashed every year in the Lower Mainland alone. In British Columbia, there are an average of 1953 pedestrian injuries and 2659 crashes every year. 

According to data from Transport Canada, in 2020, 15.2% of crashes with pedestrians resulted in deaths (266 pedestrians killed), and 13.4% were seriously injured.

The need to be seen by the driver as a pedestrian is paramount. Neither the pedestrian or the driver should be distracted by things such as electronic devices, unfortunately, this is the case far too often. Having eye contact with the driver is important and a pedestrian should never step out in front of a vehicle thinking that the driver automatically sees them! 

Stay Bright and Be Seen! 

Statistical information from ICBC data from 2016 to 2020. 

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