Vancouver, BC – Just how visible are your children when trick-or-treating? With Halloween preparations in full swing, one aspect of this annual family tradition remains in the dark: traffic safety. According to Safe Kids Canada, pedestrian injuries are one of the leading causes of injury-related deaths for children 14 years of age and younger, with October ranking as one of the most dangerous months. C Me Pedestrian Reflectors wants Canadians to take action and ensure a safer Halloween for families.

Swedish born Annsofie Haglund, the mompreneur behind C Me Pedestrian Reflectors, is deeply concerned with the lack of traffic safety awareness across Canada, “On average, over 2400 children younger than 14 are injured, and 30 die every year on our roads. As a mother of a two-year-old, these statistics are both heartbreaking and unacceptable. Most of them are preventable.”

C Me Pedestrian Reflectors was started because of Haglund’s passion to increase traffic safety awareness and to provide time tested and proven quality products. The company offers an exclusive line of Scandinavian-made reflectors that have a 40 year history, but are new to Canada. Due to the lack of certifications in North America for non-professional use, there are an abundance of unreliable “reflectors” on the market, many which do not reflect well at all. Unlike lower quality materials, C Me Pedestrian’s products are actual safety products, meeting the highest CE-standards and certification for personal traffic safety use. In addition, they come in a variety of fun collectable shapes and colours and are, more importantly, kid approved. “Pirate” themed skull reflectors are now available and an easy addition to any Halloween costume. Simply attach the reflector at your side so that it can swing freely, catching the light from as many angles and sides as possible.

By purchasing from C Me Pedestrian’s approved line of safety products you will be:

  1. Decreasing the risk of traffic accidents by as much half, when used correctly as per label instructions.
  2. Selecting 95% Scandinavian-made products having met and surpassed stringent European standards for high reflectivity and quality.
  3. Educating your family through a fun and fashion-forward accessory that kids of all ages are proud to wear.
  4. Supporting the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, as a portion from the sale of each reflector sold in British Columbia are donated to them, and a portion from the sales outside of BC, will be donated to Safe Kids Canada through the SickKids Foundation.


  • Please remember that children under the age of nine need to be accompanied by an older child or adult as they lack the developmental skills to cross the street safely on their own.
  • Choose face paint instead of masks as they can make it very difficult for your child to see properly, and always walk facing traffic.
  • Ensure your child’s stroller is reflectorized, it is the first thing out in traffic!

C Me Pedestrian Reflectors are available for purchase here in our store! 

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