Proud to be Canadian? So are we! 

Check out our new Proud to be Canadian safety reflector in the online shop! 

We are Canada's original safety reflector company, having been in business for 15 years! Why are we so passionate about safety reflectors? Because they truly do make a huge difference in making you visible in poor lighting conditions. It does not have to be dark outside for them to work and no batteries are not required! Attach to back of backpacks, coats, bags, bikes, strollers, pet collars, mobility assistance vehicles, walkers or just about anything else you can think of!

How many times have you said to yourself while driving, "I didn't see that person there"? Well guess what, we hear that all the time and have experienced it ourselves too many times. Don't take chances with your visibility, it just isn't worth it!

Need a stocking stuffer idea for Christmas? Check out our safety reflectors!

Seasons Greetings Canada!

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